Newcastle Museum - International Make Music Day

Sun, 20 Jun 2021
On a miserable, cold rainy day Novatones were part of an exciting two-session concert in the Link Hall at the Newcastle Museum at Honeysuckle, as part of ‘Make-Music Day Australia’. 
The museum is a great singing and music venue, due to the excellent acoustics; the Link Hall venue is a large, high-roofed semi-open area in the relatively short space between two tall former-industrial brick buildings. This space, between these two solid brick walls, has a dramatic sail-like solid roof, high above the ground level.  To add to that dramatic effect, there is an historical steam engine, which appears to be ‘shunting the performers’,  situated at the rear of the space and a large 1800’s pipe-organ at the entrance!

The first part of the concert was provided by the National Music Academy, featuring Ava, Evan and Lil who are three young, talented local students who entertained the crowd  with a variety of classic-to-modern tunes and songs.

Novatones’ chorus sang in the second half of the show and were enthusiastically received by a small, but very appreciative, crowd.  Director Peter Donald had the audience singing along with us on the choruses of  ‘I Am Australian’  but the crowd-favorite song was our finale: ‘A Place In The Choir’.
After the event, quite a few Novatones members enjoyed a refreshing ale and some hot chips at the nearby Honeysuckle Hotel.